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Digital Marketing Specialist

Brief description:

Responsible for a large portion of the business's online presence.We are looking for a qualified Digital Media Specialist to join our marketing team. As a Digital Media Specialist, you will be responsible for leading our digital marketing efforts. You ill be able to use and learn how to use the latest digital marketing technologies and methods

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design digital media campaigns according to business goals.
  • Coordinate and manage the creation of all digital content such as website, blogs, press releases and podcasts, infographics, videos etc.
  • Prepare emails to send out to customers.
  • Establish our web presence.
  • Work to improve our brand presence.
  • Maintain and manage all our social media channels.
  • Conduct social media audits to ensure best practices are being used.
  • Liaise with Marketing, Sales and Product development teams.
  • Suggest and implement direct marketing methods.
  • Suggest strategies and methods for improvement.
  • Regularly track and get insights into competitors' strategies.
  • Develop and monitor ROI and KPIs.
  • Stay up-to-date with digital media technologies and latest trends.

Preferred skills and Qualification

  • Qualification : Any Graduate.
  • Develop and monitor ROI and KPIs.
  • Experience: Minimum 5 Years with track record.

How to apply ?

  • Please send your resume at
  • *Kindly mention mail subject as "Application for the post- Digital Marketing Specialist”.

How to avoid job scam?

Solutino Group conducts its own recruitment and any request for an interview will always come from an email. Further, all jobs listed on our official website and we encourage candidates to apply through the guidelines in our website.